The importanance of maintainance and correct servicing of your VW Beetle.

This time of the year with heavy rains and wind can create many unnecessary problems leading to expensive repairs.

The most common is the area infront of the windscreen that does collect leaves and dirt.

When the vehicle is serviced this needs also to be cleared along with the two cavities on left and right hand side under the dash - if not water that does not drain away enters ECU plugs, wiper plug, wiper motor and drivers side electrical plugs that can cause permanent damage to the ECU, the dash cluster and wiper motor.

Can also create wet floors and permanently wet areas that lead to rusting.

See pics of customers car suffering nealy all these issues.

Luckily in this case we were able to fix quickly and without it costimg alot. This would have been a different case if this had not been addressed straight away.

Door lock issues with your VW beetle are common. This is from a lack of correct servicing and maintenance. VW Beetle Parts has developed specialist tools to solve these issues when a complete failure has occured within the mechanism.

We are able to open a locked door without causing any damage to the door, the lock, or the inner panels.

Repair or replace the lock mechanism so it functions like new without further issue.

Also make sure your drains are kept clear and clean -

Its important to keep this area clean and we do as part of a full service when changing the pollen filter, located Left hand side under dash covers

Not keeping this clear causes rusting and flooding of the interior along with mould growth which can be a health hazard.