VW Beetle Parts has over 30 years of tuning experience with aftermarket fully programmable ECU's thru to OEM ECU's. We specialise in all VW and Audi ECU tunes. We can add and remove functions as you desire, address Immo and key issues with no problem. We have the ability to read and write other manufacturers ECUs, of course European, Japanese as well as exotics. Commercial's no problem either.

We have years of experience in building some of the fastest racing cars and setting lap records in New Zealand.

We are very experienced in building complete fuel and ignition maps as well as the subsidiary tables. We have experience with launch control, traction control, ABS, etc. So no matter whether you want just your road car tuned or you have a full race car beast we have your tuning needs covered.

We use two dynos and the latest tools and software packages for the development of our programs and to customise others to meet your needs.

Looking for more power or more economy - we have programs to suit all needs.

Call us for more information 022 1713744